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Invoice or Installment

Fixus Invoice offers the flexibility to pay for car repairs and spare parts. You can conveniently pay by invoice or flexibly in installments.

Invoice or Installment?

Choose an invoice to pay for your purchase at once. You will receive a home invoice with a 30 day payment period. If you wish, you can also pay the invoice in installments.

If the amount of the invoice exceeds 100 euros, you can still choose to pay the invoice in installments by the due date. Paying in installments is flexible, as you can decide for yourself how much you will repay each month. The minimum repayment is 10% of your outstanding balance. Instructions for paying in installments can be found on the invoice.

Choose Installment for more flexibility. Decide the payment period that suits you. You can also pay off faster than agreed or the entire remaining credit, at no extra cost.

The installment agreement is made with the seller immediately at the time of purchase. Decide the payment period that suits you. Depending on the amount of credit, you can choose a payment period of 3 to 24 months. The first 30 days of the installment agreement are interest-free. You will receive an invoice once a month for the home according to the agreed payment installments. If you wish, you can pay higher installments than agreed or the entire loan prematurely at no extra cost.

You can get more information about the Fixus invoice and the credit decision on the Fixus.fi website.