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Air conditioning maintenance

The car air conditioner requires maintenance and repairs from time to time, which is easily taken care of during maintenance.

STS Evitskog in Kirkkonummi does car air conditioning maintenance for all car brands. The car's air conditioner requires maintenance and repair measures from time to time, which can be easily taken care of, for example, in connection with periodic maintenance at a Fixus workshop.

Air conditioning is already standard in modern cars. This comfort device also requires maintenance and repair from time to time. The pressurized gas in the system may slowly leak from the seals, reducing the efficiency of the air conditioning. Likewise, the oil used as a lubricant in the system requires inspection and refilling. During maintenance, toner is added to the air conditioning system, which makes any leaks easy. This saves time and costs in troubleshooting and repairs in the future.

Occasionally there may be an unpleasant odor inside the car from the air conditioning system. In this case, it would be a good idea to perform a disinfection to clean the cooling cell and air ducts. Efforts must be made to use the air conditioner regularly for a short time, even in winter, so that the system remains operational at all times.